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Clear all your doubts before making your reservation. In our FAQ car rental section we will try to answer all your questions during the process.

QuarentaCars FAQ Car Rental

Answer all your questions before starting your reservation. In our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section about car hire we will try to explain all possible questions you may have during the process.

Requirements: Age & Personal Documents

Hire a car in quarentacars.com is quite easy. You just need to specify the pick up location and the pick date, our booking engine will give the cars availables in more than 1.600 cities around the world.

At the collection you will need to bring with you the following:

  • Identity document: DNI / NIE / Passport
  • Valid driving licence with one year of antiquity, valid for driving in the EU or internationally
  • Be over 21 years of age

The age range allowed for car rental is generally between 21 and 70 years. For drivers under 25 and over 70, the agency may charge you an extra young driver or senior driver fee; depending on your case.

Drivers: License, Age & Allowance

Yes, there are age limits for car rentals in Europe, normally you must be over 21 years old.

Yes, you can add additional driver to a rental car. At the moment of the pick up, you must provide the information of the additional driver.

The rental car must be returned by the main driver or one of the additional drivers authorized in the rental agreement.

The additional driver can pick up the rental car, always be accompanied by the holder of contract or main driver.

Yes, but the policy vary from one rent a car company to another. The agency could require you a young drivers extra charge.

If your wife is authorized as an additional driver, yes she can drive your rental car.

Yes, only if you are in a renovation or loss of your driver license. For novel drivers could be restrictions or extra fees for hiring a car.

Yes, during the period of the rental you can use your handicap placard.

No, one the requirement for hire a car is to have a valid driver license.

Insurance: Coverage & Protection

In Europe the car rentals come with the basic protection CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) with an excess for damages or theft.

The extra insurance for hire cars is not mandatory, however is highly recommended because reduce or eliminate the excess by damages or theft.

The excess car rental is the amount of money you have to pay in case of collisions or theft. Getting extra protection you can reduce or eliminate this risk.

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“A journey of a thounsand miles begins here.”

Cross Border: Driving & Hiring Abroad

Yes, but there could be restrictions depending on where you make the car hire. For example, you can take a hire car abroad from peninsular Spain to the main countries of the European Union; but in the Canary or Balearic islands travel outside the island is not allowed.

To hire a car abroad you must bring:

  • Identificación document: ID / Passport
  • Driver license valid for this country or international
  • Credit or debit card under your name

Yes, one of the advantages of hiring a car in Europe is that you can drive for different countries in the region. When collecting the car you must inform about the countries you are planning to drive and pay the cross border fee, in order to have the protection and roadside assistance abroad.

No, by general rule the car hire are not allowed to be embarked in ferries.

Price: Best deals

The best time to book a car rental is different depending on the season and the pick up location. For dates such as Christmas, Easter or Summer is recommended to book at least 3 weeks before your pick up date. For the rest of the season, we advise booking from 7 to 4 days before the collection.

The price is different depending on the car, the pick up locacion, the season and the duration of the rental. The average price to hire a car in Spain is about 19 £ per day.

The average price to hire a car in Spain for a week is about 115 £ per week. These rates can vary according with the type of car, the season and the pick up location.

The price for hire a car on a weekend is about 30 £. According to the season and car type, the price can be different from one pick up location to another.

Other Questions: Pick-up, Drop-off, Payment & Invoicing

Yes in most cases you wouldn’t have inconvenients for dropping off your car rental early. There are branches that have the option of returning out of the labor hour (keys box), we advise you to confirm it at the moment of the collection.

Not all rental cars have GPS navigation, But certainly plenty of models come with sat nav by serial, in that case, you can use the GPS. If there are available cars with GPS you can ask for one of them at the counter.

Yes, the car hire service has VAT and is included in the price and reflected in the invoice.

Yes, almost all car rental companies accept debit cards to pay the rental. Normally, there are restrictions to pay with cash or prepaid cards.

The standard way of counting days for car rental companies is 24 hours, which means that if you pick up the car at 10:00 am you must return the car at the same hour (10:00 am) of the drop off day.

Most rental car companies accept debit cards. In QuarentaCars you can hire a car with debit or credit cards. In general, there are restrictions to pay with prepaid cards or cash.

Car Categories: Classes & Differences

The mini car rental is a small car up to 4 passengers, usually with 3 or 4 doors. 

The compact car rental has capacity for 5 passengers, and could be hatchback or sedan.

The (Sport Utility Vehicle) SUV car rental is an urban vehicle with higher grade of comfort and security of compact cars. Their capacity is for 5 passengers with a significant trunk space.

The estate car rental or station wagon is a compact car with extra space in the trunk. The capacity of the trunk can reach the 500 litres, for up to 5 passengers.

The 9 seater car rental has capacity for nine persons and 4 luggages. Often used for travel in groups and business travels.

The 7 seater car rental is often used for large families or for travel in groups. Their capacity is for seven passengers and 3 luggages.

The premium car rentals are vehicles of high performance, normally are the top models of the major brands.

The hybrid car rental are vehicles that use more than one source of energy, normally petrol & electricity. Their capacity varies depending on the size of the car.

Destinations: Spain

To hire a car in Spain you must meet the following requirements:

  • Identity document: DNI/NIE/Passport
  • Valid driving licence with one year of antiquity, valid for driving in the EU or internationally.
  • Be over 21 years old

Yes, the insurance for car rental in Spain is mandatory. The rates included in the price the basic protection against collision and theft (CDW) with excess. The full comprehensive protection is optional and highly recommended.

The average price for hire a car in Spain is about 19 £ per day. If you hire directly in the airport it is normally cheaper than off airport.

The range of age to hire in Tenerife without extra charges is among 25 and 70 years old. However you can rent between 21 and 24 years old with the young driver extra charge. Also you can hire a car with more than 70 years old, but the agency could charge you with the senior driver extra charge.

The lower price for hire a car in Tenerife is about 9 £ per day for a duration of one week.

As the rest of Spain, for hire a car in Majorca you will need:

  • Your ID or passport
  • A driver license valid for drive in the European Union.
  • Be older than 21 years.
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