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Do you need a car in Gran Canaria? At QuarentaCars you can find car hire Gran Canaria with availability at the airport and various points throughout the island. Explore the largest island in the archipelago with complete freedom, we will help you find the perfect vehicle, at the best price.

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Offices: Car Hire Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Car Hire Gran Canaria Airport Las Palmas and several points of the island.

Through car rental comparison engine you can reserve in Canarias car hire and collect your vehicle directly from the airport and more than ten locations throughout the island.

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“A journey of a thounsand miles begins here.”

Connection points

Car Hire Gran Canaria Airport Spain

The island of Gran Canaria has an excellent connection with the rest of the archipelago and the Spanish mainland, as well as with the main destinations in Europe. Thanks to the international airport and its various ports of general use.

If you visit the island by plane, you can book a car hire Gran Canaria airport, which is only 15 kilometres and 20 minutes by car from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the island’s capital.

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Find Cheap Car Rental in Gran Canaria Airport

The car rental companies in Gran Canaria are distributed throughout the main towns of the island. The coverage and availability of vehicles are insured throughout the island, both by premium and low cost car rentals, as well as by local agencies with a long history in the island region.

What to do in Gran Canaria island?

Find out what you need to know to plan your trip to the island

The island of Gran Canaria synthesizes archipelago and still is different from the other islands. Its nature is volcanic, extremely fertile and with contrast as only mother earth can sculpt. 

Its dry side, is noted for its wide dunes, which for a moment allow you to experience the Sahara. Its fertile side is well known for its canary banana; while the beaches and cliffs are perfectly combined with the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean. 

car hire gran canaria spain

Like the rest of the islands in the archipelago, the nice weather can be enjoyed practically all year round, in that sense, any time is good to visit Gran Canaria. 

Certainly, during spring and autumn, the climate is quite fresh and pleasant; and because it is the low season, these are ideal dates to visit the island and find good offers for car rental and accommodation.

The capital of the island is Las Palmas, a vibrant city with a cosmopolitan and global air. And although it was founded in 1478 and its history is present everywhere, it has large shopping areas, wide avenues and avant-garde architecture.

Old town:

The old town and its labyrinth of streets tell the history of the island, colourful houses, elegant balconies and imposing doors; they are the keystone of the area.

A good starting point is the Plaza de Santa Ana, where you can find the Cathedral of Santa Ana, built in the 15th century, one of the most important buildings in the archipelago. Just behind it is the Casa de Colón, the Admiral’s lodging place, during his stopover before continuing his journey to America.

Triana neighbourhood, Canarian village and Santa Catalina park:

The Triana neighbourhood and the Pueblo Canario are two stops you should make to get to know the culture of the islanders and take one or two souvenirs with you. While in the Santa Catalina park you can have a perfect afternoon on land.

Castillo de la Luz:

The biggest monument in the city is precisely the Castillo de la Luz, located in the Puerto de la Luz and built in the 16th century as a fortress. Today it houses the museum of the foundation of the Canarian sculptor, Martin Chirino.

Car routes Gran Canaria north


18 km from Las Palmas is the city located at the foot of the Arucas mountain, it has one of the last cathedrals that were built in the world (1909-1970). When crossing the town, a signposted route leads to the viewpoint at the top of the mountain; the view of the city and the valley extends beyond the ocean, and you can even see Tenerife and the summit of Teide, which is covered in snow all year round.

Gáldar and Punta de la Sardina

28 km northeast of Las Palmas. Located in a beautiful landscape at the foot of a volcano, it was the aboriginal capital and still preserves some important remains, such as the Cueva Pintada, decorated with red, white and black motifs.

When leaving Gáldar towards Sardina, the road enters through a passage of banana trees that leads to a beautiful fishing port with sandy coves. A little further on, the Punta de la Sardina invites you to swim, and diving enthusiasts will be delighted.

Port of Las Nieves

Located in the Agaete Valley, 37 km west of Las Palmas. This seaside resort, surrounded by impressive cliffs ending in the Tamadaba massif, is remarkable for its tropical vegetation. It is home to mangoes, avocados, papayas and coffee plantations.

A curiosity of the place is the monolith known as the finger of God, very popular in the region. On the other hand, the Nuestra Señora de las Nieves chapel houses a magnificent 15th century Flemish triptych.

Routes by car Gran Canaria centrak

The Pozo de las Nieves Park 

Back on the main road, a few kilometres away we enter the Pozo de las Nieves Park, a natural reserve in the middle of which stands the peak of Las Nieves at 1,949 metres. The forest has chestnut and pine trees, and is full of hares, which usually delight visitors and hunters.

The Caldera of Tejeda

36 km from Las Palmas. Sometimes the arrival at the caldera in the fog may seem a little unreal. The stone cross of Tejeda is located at the top (1,450m) and stands out against the Parador Nacional. On the left is the famous Nublo rock, an imposing basalt monolith, the tallest in the world. Some donkeys dressed up, as is the custom of the place, will be waiting for you to have your photo taken as a souvenir.


10 km from the Tejeda boiler. Shortly before reaching the village, there are some caves on each side of the road. This is a place where prehistoric men lived, located in Artenara, the highest village on the island, between peaks and volcanic cliffs.


13 km south of Las Palmas. In pre-Hispanic times, it was the aboriginal centre, of which there are still remains, such as the vestiges of the caves of the Cuatro Puertas, which testify to the importance of the place. The oldest neighbourhoods are San Julián and San Francisco (with white houses and wooden balconies), which still boast houses worthy of admiration. The church of San Juan (1539) and the convent of San Francisco are worth visiting.

Car routes Gran Canaria south

Playa del Inglés

60 km south of Las Palmas. It is interesting to pass through the various shopping centres. The shops, usually run by Indians, sell all kinds of perfumes, cameras and glasses at prices that defy all competition. Negotiate prices and watch out for counterfeits.


3 km west of Playa del Inglés. At the southern end is the oasis of Maspalomas, where the abundant palm trees are a green corner in front of the golden sand dunes, similar to those of Fuerteventura, and which you have to cross to reach the beach, where the landscape is made happy by a display of red and orange parasols.

There is another oasis in the desert, and that is the Maspalomas golf course, a place full of trees and flowers that grow everywhere. For the fans of this sport, we recommend to make your reservation when you go out.

Puerto Rico

20 kilometres from Maspalomas. The architectural ensemble of this complex is impressive. The houses and villas painted in white and yellow, “look like a banana and vanilla ice cream melting at the top of the mountain” (Sarah Simon).

For coastal fishing enthusiasts, there are offshore departures from this port, as well as from the Santa Catalina and Las Palmas docks.

Puerto de Mogán

38 km west of Playa del Inglés. If there was only one place to visit in the south, it would be Puerto Mogán. They are the most beautiful port and town in this region, a very frequent stopover for transatlantic sailors. When you arrive, a branch of the sea enters the land, where small iron bridges forge one bank to the other; on the right there is a beautiful market of souvenirs and objects of local crafts.


9 km north of Puerto de Mogán. The arrival at the village of Mogán is quite surprising; next to the road there is a sculpture representing a plate, an ear of wheat and a coffee maker.  These are due to the local festival, held on the first Saturday in June, and according to which each village has a float with a theme. Once the festivities are over, they are left in the wild until they deteriorate.

The region of Mogán has beautiful landscapes with large canyons covered with cactus.


16 km north of Maspalomas. Here nature is green, the land is fertile and the climate is subtropical. It is a splendid palm grove, the low white houses of the village dot the hillside.


If you want to make the most of your visit and experience all that the island has to offer, at your own pace and without limits; then hiring a car in Gran Canaria is not only necessary, but worth it.

FAQs: Car Hire Gran Canaria

Answer your questions before making your reservation.

To get the best offer, before making your reservation, you must answer these questions:

  • What type of vehicle do I want?
  • In which part of the island will I make the collection?
  • For how many days will I need the vehicle?
  • What is the amount of the excess and the deposit?

It is recommended that you confirm your reservation on a weekly basis to get better prices. Keep in mind that the busiest time of year in Gran Canaria is during the months of December and March. 

Yes, you can pay for your reservation by debit or credit card. Car rentals have restrictions on paying with cash and prepaid cards.

With AXA Seguros premium coverage, you have the best protection against theft and collision with guaranteed repayment of up to £3,000 and full road assistance. Its final value is a fraction of the agency price.

The savings you can obtain with the protection of AXA Insurance is from 50% to 70% compared to the coverage offered by the agencies.

The minimum price for a small car rental Gran Canaria airport is approximately 8 £/day for 7 days. Volkswagen UP and Peugeot 107, to mention some models we have on the island.

For seven days, the price for a 7 seater car hire Gran Canaria airport is about 26 £/day. Volkswagen Touran and Ford Galaxy, are part of our selection of 7-seater minivans.

If you opt for a 9 seater car hire Gran Canaria airport for 7 days, the price is around 39 pounds per day. Our selection includes the Mercedes Vito and the Peugeot Traveller.

You can book car hire Gran Canaria airport with a full/full fuel policy. You receive the vehicle full of fuel and return it full, with no extra charge for refuelling.

Usually, car hire Gran Canaria airport rates include unlimited mileage, which you can check in the mileage policy section.

It’s not allowed to hire a car in Gran Canaria to board a ferry, and it’s even penalised by most of the car rentals in the region.

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