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Do you want to drive with comfort and safety? Try our car rental comparison engine to find cheap SUV car hire that best suits you. Drive through the routes in the comfort of the 4x4s we have available in the main destinations, airports and train stations.

Features of SUV Cars

What are the characteristics of SUVs?

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SUV Car Hire: Nissan Qashqai

SUVs are super comfortable cars and very safe on the asphalt. Their design and equipment convey status and confidence, which is why they are preferred among executives and businessmen.

The SUVs, also called off-road vehicles, have a capacity of 5 people, with 5 doors and a large boot for two large suitcases, as well as a laptop case and other gadgets.

The fuel mix of the SUV car rentals we offer at is varied and depending on the location, you can find them with both diesel and petrol engines; as well as a variety of SUV hybrids.

SUVs perform acceptably well in the city for a car of this size; however, when driven on the road, fuel consumption is much more efficient, hovering between 4.6 and 7 litres per 100 kilometres. 

Off-road vehicles are comfortable and safe. In this segment, most of the technology that is in general use is implemented. SUV are cars with great equipment, safety functions, connectivity and driving assistance; elements that give you a great sense of confidence when driving them.

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Looking for a off-road car right where you are? Try our search engine, SUV car hire near me, which give you the nearest options from your location.

Advantages of SUV
What are the advantages and uses of 4x4, SUV and off-road vehicles?
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Spacious, comfortable and elegant

The main characteristic of off-road vehicles is comfort and safety. In this category, most models come with air conditioning in both the front and rear seats; electric mirrors and armrests. As for the luggage compartment, the 4x4 segment is around 450-500 litres, enough to accommodate two large suitcases, in addition to a laptop case or a pram.

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Technology, functionality and connectivity

Most models in the 4x4 segment come with a Bluetooth connection for the phone, media centre, approach lock and keyless ignition, internet connectivity, navigation system, cruise control, speed limiter; plus parking assistants with rear view camera, electric hand brake, hill start assist. The sum of these elements is what makes travelling in an SUV highly attractive.

Security on a higher level

Despite the fact that SUVs are cars with a very careful aesthetic, the best of them is not seen at first sight; we are talking about the safety equipment. Most models in this segment come with front, front and side airbags, a lane change assistant, an emergency braking system and a blind spot detection system. As you "see", sometimes the best is not in sight.

Models of SUV, Off Road, and 4x4

What are the most used models of SUV rental cars?

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Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Qashqai, a safe, high-performance SUV. The Nissan Qashqai is one of the most efficient cars in its segment, and the most important model from the Japanese company. This car comes with a range of equipment: cruise control, hill start assist, electronic handbrake, multi-function steering wheel, hands-free, bluetooth sound system, bimodal air conditioning, touch screen, Isofix, airbags, rear view camera. In addition to the above, some versions come with a keyless ignition system, automatic wiper system and lights, and an internet connection system with a browser. The Nissan Qashqai is now in its third generation, which has not only revamped its looks but added a 6-speed gearbox.

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Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson, on the asphalt; like fish in water. The Hyundai Tucson is an extremely comfortable car to drive. Its boot is 513 litres, with a very complete set of equipment: multifunction steering wheel, hands-free, navigation system, approach key and start/stop button ignition, Isofix, hill start system and descent brake control, airbags. The Hyundai Tucson is now in its third generation, this design more robust than the previous ones with a front grille and wheels that give it more presence.

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Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage, quality with a seven-year guarantee. The Kia Sportage is a car that in each generation is quite different from the previous design, and like Rafa Nadal, retains its sporting spirit. It has a 503-litre boot and equipment on a par with its peers: automatic start/stop, front and rear armrests, remote boot opening, multifunction steering wheel, hands-free and bluetooth, rain sensor, parking sensors with camera, front and side airbags and cornering brake control.

“A journey of a thounsand miles begins here.”

Car Rental Agencies

Most popular SUV Car Rental Agencies

If you are clear that you need a SUV car rental, is easy to choose from. Here are the main rental agencies that offer a wide variety of off-roads cars.

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