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Do you need a small car to get around city? Try our car rental comparison engine to find cheap small car hire with the best conditions. Drive a fully sanitized small car.

Features of Small Cars

What are the characteristics of small car hire?

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Small Car Hire: Fiat 500

Small car hire are purely urban. Their jovial and carefree designs make them in great demand among young people and girls for weekend trips.

The small cars have capacity for 4 people, with 3 doors and space for 1 large suitcase. Most of the small car hire models available at QuarentaCars are petrol powered, with a performance of around 4.9ltrs per 100 kilometres, which is quite good.

An interesting aspect of the small cars is their cabin, as far from what it might seem, they are quite spacious. This type of car is very aware of the comfort of the passengers, although certainly, at the expense of space for luggage.

Advantages of Small Cars

What are the advantages and uses of small car rental?

Trafico Urbano
Urban mobility

Due to its dimensions of approximately 3 meters in length, it is ideal for driving in urban areas.

Fácil de aparcar
Easy parking

The hallmark of small cars is ease of manoeuvrability, because of their small size, they make it incredibly easy to parking in tight spaces.

Trayectos Inter urbanos
Short intercity journeys

Due to its good performance at low revolutions, it is recommended for short intercity journeys.

Small Car Hire Near Me

Looking for a small car right where you are? Try our search engine, small car rental near me, for options near to your location.

Small Car Models
What are the most commonly used models of small car hire?
small car hire
Fiat 500

Fiat 500, a car pleasant to look at and great to drive. More than fifty years ago, the Fiat 500, considered one of the first urban cars, began to be produced. In 2007 the iconic Fiat 500 was relaunched, with a very Italian, romantic look; something that broke the design moulds at that time.

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Ford Ka

Ford Ka, an urban car that evolves and improves over time. Manufactured since 1996 and now in its third generation, the Ford Ka has been able to adapt to its time, both in terms of equipment and design. The latest models are shorter and taller, revealing features of its big brother, the Ford Fiesta.

small car hire
Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo, a city car that fulfils its function without pretension. The Toyota Aygo saw the light of day in 2015, and has since undergone minor changes in appearance. The Toyota Aygo has been designed to fulfil its function as a flexible urban mobility car, and this is exactly what you notice when you drive this car.

“A journey of a thounsand miles begins here.”

Car Rental Agencies

Most popular small car hire

Knowing that you are looking for a small car, is easy to help you choosing the best option. Here are the major rental agencies offering small cars.

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