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Find rental cars of all categories and the main models in a single search.

Find Rental Cars in Spain

Whether you need a small rental car to get around town, an SUV to drive safely or a seven-seater car for the whole family; at QuarentaCars we help you find the vehicle that better suits your needs.

The fleet of vehicles available at our car rental affiliates comply with strict cleaning and disinfection protocols to guarantee fully sanitised cars.

Drive through the roads of Spain in cars in excellent condition, new and semi-new; from the main European, Korean and Japanese brands.

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Which are the characteristics of small cars?

small car hire
Small Car: Fiat 500

Small cars are purely urban. Their jovial and carefree designs make them in great demand among young people and girls for weekend trips.

What are the characteristics of economy cars?

The economy rental cars are perfectly adapted to the city and the road. Their main weapon is the optimization of fuel consumption.

economy car rental
Economy Car: Seat Ibiza

Which are the characteristics of compact cars?

compact car rental
Compact Car: Ford Focus

The compact cars are comfortable and easy to drive. Loved by those who enjoy freedom and adventure; much in demand by sales professionals who make long and frequent journeys.

What are the characteristics of SUV cars?

SUVs are super comfortable and very safe vehicles on the road. Its design and equipment, transmit status and confidence, that is why it is preferred among executives and businessmen.

suv car hire
SUV: Nissan Qashqai

Which are the characteristics of 7-seater cars?

7 seater car hire
7-Seater Car: Ford Galaxy

The 7-seater minivans are vehicles for transporting a considerable number of people on a single journey. They are widely used by those who prefer to travel in groups or for large families.

Which characteristics have the 9-passenger minibuses?

The 9-seater minibuses are vehicles for covering the needs of transporting a considerable number of people on a single journey. Often used for group travel and business trips.

9 seater car rental
9 Seater Car: Peugeot Traveller

What are the characteristics of hybrid cars?

hybrid car rental
Hybrid Car: Toyota Auris

The hybrid car is the answer to more environmentally responsible mobility. These cars efficiently combine electricity and internal combustion, significantly reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

What are the characteristics of the premium cars?

Premium cars are an alternative for the most demanding travellers or high profile business people who need to project status and professionalism.

premium cars
Premim Car: Mercedes Benz Class B

Which are the characteristics of estate cars?

estate car hire
Estate Car: Opel Astra Station Wagon

The estate car, or station wagon, is a compact vehicle with a very specific function, to provide extra space. is a car that is very demanded by golfers and of course, for family trips.

Sanitized Vehicles

For more information about the sanitisation process and the disinfection protocols that our suppliers are applying to the rental vehicle fleets, we recommend you visit the following article in our blog: Cleaning Protocols for Rental Cars

Most rental cars are adopting extraordinary measures to ensure that the vehicles are delivered in compliance with all safety and hygiene regulations.

“A journey of a thounsand miles begins here.”

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