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Features of Hybrid Cars

What is a hybrid car?

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Hybrid Car Rental: Toyota Auris

The hybrid car is the answer to more environmentally responsible mobility. These cars efficiently combine electricity and internal combustion, significantly reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

There are hybrid cars in almost every segment, from small 4-person cars, through 5-person compacts and SUVs, to 7-person minivans. In any case, they have the same space configuration as conventional cars.

As a result of the change we are experiencing in terms of mobility, at QuarentaCars.com we are progressively expanding the hybrid car rental offer in new segments: small hybrid cars, compact hybrid cars and hybrid SUVs.

Hybrid cars usually have the ECO stamp for the low CO2 emissions they emit to the planet, on average they emit between 76 and 97 grams of CO2 for every kilometre driven.

The autonomy of hybrid cars is variable and depends on both the vehicle itself and the speed at which you travel, combining both sources of energy. The average autonomy is 500 and 900 kilometres. The combined consumption of hybrid cars is between 3.4 and 4.3 litres for every 100 kilometres driven.

The configuration of the passenger compartment in hybrid cars is exactly the same as in conventional cars: the arrangement of the seats, the size of the boot, the steering wheel, the pedals and all the other elements.

A distinctive feature of the engines in hybrid cars is that they emit an almost imperceptible sound. Often we will need to check the control panel to make sure that the engine is running.

Advantages of Hybrid Cars

What are the advantages and uses of hybrid rental car?

Coche Eficiente
High urban efficiency

The main characteristic of hybrid cars is their efficiency in the use of energy. Hybrid cars are really recommended for urban environments, where the electric motor performs best at speeds below 60 kilometres per hour.

Recarga coches eléctricos
Free recharge points

A great advantage of hybrid cars is that they give you the possibility to leave your car batteries charging while you are shopping at the mall. The fact is that more and more shopping centres and supermarkets are setting up free recharging points for their customers.

zona parking preferente ECO
ECO Preference Zone

There are city centres where only environmentally friendly cars are allowed. Hybrid cars give you the possibility to access these ECO preferential areas both for driving and parking.

Hybrid Car Rental Near Me

Looking for a hybrid car right where you are? Try our search engine, hybrid car rental near me, which gives you the options near to your location.

Models of Hybrid Cars

What are the most commonly used models of hybrid car hire?

hybrid car rental
Toyota Auris Hybrid

The Toyota Auris has quietly come to set the standard in the category of hybrid cars in its segment. It has a 360-litre boot with excellent equipment: a multi-function Bluetooth and hands-free steering wheel, cruise control, Isofix, front and side airbags, stability control, hill start assist and keyless start with start/stop button. In addition, there are versions with a rear view camera, sunroof and rain sensor.

hybrid car rental
Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Toyota Corolla Hybrid, the world's best-selling car is now a hybrid. The Toyota Corolla Hybrid is a car that has durability embedded in its DNA, now evolving and living up to its time. It has a 360-litre boot, and very 2.0 equipment: electronic handbrake, cruise control, dual-zone climate control, front and side airbags, stability control, Isofix, stability control, keyless start with start/stop button and parking assistant with rear-view camera.

hibrid car hire
Toyota C-HR

Toyota C-HR, an efficient urban crossover The Toyota C-HR is an efficient hybrid that moves gracefully on the asphalt. It has a 377-litre boot, and top-of-the-range equipment: approach key, keyless ignition with start/stop button, multifunction steering wheel with hands-free operation, dual-zone air conditioning, front and side airbags, Isofix, stability control, lane departure warning, puncture-proof kit and parking assistant with rear-view camera. In addition, some versions come with a navigation system with colour display.

“A journey of a thounsand miles begins here.”

Car Rental Agencies

Most popular hybrid car hire agencies

Now that you know you need a hybrid car hire, it’s much easier to help you choose. Here are the main rental agencies that offer hybrid cars in their fleets.

Hybrid Car Hire

What are the most popular destinations for hybrid car hire?

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