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Looking for a car in Bizkaia? At QuarentaCars you can book a cheap car hire Bilbao and pick up at the airport, Abando train station and the downtown area. Explore the fascinating Basque Country in absolute safety, we will help you find the perfect car in just one search.

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Offices: Car Rental Bilbao

Bilbao Airport, Abando Indalecio Prieto Train Station

In QuarentaCars you can reserve your car rental Bilbao and collect it directly from the airport offices, Abando train station, and other locations in the city.

Key information

  • Agency: OK Rent a Car
  • Vehicle: Economy
  • Average price: 24 £/day
  • Good price: 16 £/day

When driving through the centre of Bilbao you should bear in mind that the speed limit is 30 km/h, although some main roads such as Gran Vía and Calle Alameda Recalde, the permitted limit is 50 km/h. The speed limit on roads entering and leaving the city is 80km/h and they are monitored by fixed and mobile radars.

If you wear comfortable shoes and are willing to walk about 20 minutes to the old town, you can get free parking in one of the suburban areas such as Deusto or San Ignacio.

In the centre of the city, you will find paid parking relatively easily, as there are different parking options at every point of influx of people in the city centre; both OTA street parking, dissuasive parking and underground parking. Bilbao City Council has a map of car park locations

The rate of the blue zone is progressive and goes from 0.52 x 30 minutes to 3.15 x 2 hours; being free from 20:00 to 08:00 and on weekends, from Saturday at 13:30.

¿Tienes dudas o necesitas ayuda para completar tu reservar, para hacer una modificación o cancelación?

Nuestro departamento de atención al cliente estará encantado de ayudarte durante el proceso de reservas. Contáctanos por correo electrónico: reservas@quarentacars.com las 24 horas los 7 días de la semana. Y a través de nuestro número de teléfono +34.810.101.028 de lunes a viernes de 10:00hrs a 16:00hrs.

Nearby Connections

Car Hire Bilbao Airport, Centre and Train Station

Bilbao is a cosmopolitan city, on a par with the largest capitals of Europe; it is perfectly connected by the highway and road network to the rest of the region, to the main cities of Spain: Madrid, Santander and Barcelona; as well as to the French Basque Country and the rest of France.

By train, Bilbao is also perfectly connected with regular routes to the main cities of Spain: Santander, Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Galicia and Norte de Castilla y León; through its monumental Train Station Bilbao-Abando Indalecio Prieto .

The connection by plane is also excellent in Bilbao, as it has the modern and comfortable Bilbao Airport (BIO), only twelve kilometres from the centre of Bilbao.

Check the timetables of your flights through Bilbao Airport. Check the train schedules at Bilbao Station-Abando Indalecio Prieto .

Car hire service at connection centres:

Directory: Car Rental Bilbao

Car Rental Bilbao Airport & Centre

Bilbao has a wide availability of rental cars throughout the year, in the city there are premium and intermediate car rental companies and low-cost car rental.

This range of alternatives translates into a much higher standard of service, with excellent cars and really attractive prices. The city has a fleet which is adapted to the area, with economic, compact, station wagon, SUV, vans and minivans for 7 and 9 passengers.

Alquiler de coches con Enterprise

Agency: Enterprise Car Rental

Collections offices:

Enterprise Bilbao Train Station
Train Station. Pza Circular, 2, Parking entrance C/ Bailen 22
48003 Bilbao, VZ
Telephone: +34 944 42 32 90

Enterprise Car Hire Bilbao Airport
De Loiu Airport, 48180 Loiu, VZ
Phone number: +34 944 53 33 40

Enterprise Car Rental Barakaldo
25 De Ibaibe Street, 48902 Barakaldo, VZ
Telephone: +34 944 42 32 90

Alquiler de coches con Budget

Agency: Budget

Collection offices:

Budget Bilbao Airport
Bilbao Airport – Loiu, Bilbao, 48180 
Car Return: 4th Floor 
Telephone: +34 902101780

Budget Bilbao City Centre 
Intermodal Station Level -1, Bilbao, 48013 
Parking Level -4 Gurtubay 1 
Telephone: +34 902101780

Alquiler de coches con Hertz

Agency: Hertz

Collection offices:

Hertz Car Hire Bilbao Airport
De Loiu Airport
Bilbao , Spain , 48180
Telephone : +34 94 453093

Hertz Bilbao Train Station
Hurtado de Amezaga Street 44
Bilbao , Spain , 48008
Telephone : +34 946 050 444

Hertz Bilbao Plaza Pío X
Pio X Square, 2
Bilbao , Spain , 48014
Telephone : +34 94 4153677

Hertz Bilbao Artea
Peruri Auzoa 33
Bilbao (Artea) , Spain , 48940

Hertz Barakaldo
Av. de la Ribera s/n
Bilbao (Barakaldo) , Spain , 48903

Alquiler de coches con Avis

Agency: Avis

Collection offices:

Avis Bilbao Airport
Bilbao Airport – Loiu, Bilbao, 48180
Car Return: 4th Floor
Telephone: +34 902101780

Avis Bilbao Intermodal
Intermodal Station Level -1, Bilbao, 48013
Parking Level -4 Gurtubay 1
Telephone: +34 902101780

Alquiler de coches con Alamo

Agency: Alamo Car Rental

Collection offices:

Alamo Bilbao Train Station 
Train Station. Pza Circular, 2, Parking entrance C/ Bailen 22 
48003 Bilbao, VZ 
Telephone: +34 944 42 32 90

Alamo Car Rental Bilbao Airport 
De Loiu Airport, 48180 Loiu, VZ 
Phone number: +34 944 53 33 40

Alamo Barakaldo 
25 De Ibaibe Street, 48902 Barakaldo, VZ 
Telephone: +34 944 42 32 90

Alquiler de vehículos con National

Agency: National Car Rental

Collection offices:

National Bilbao Train Station 
Train Station. Pza Circular, 2, Parking entrance C/ Bailen 22 
48003 Bilbao, VZ 
Telephone: +34 944 42 32 90

National Car Rental Bilbao Airport 
De Loiu Airport, 48180 Loiu, VZ 
Phone number: +34 944 53 33 40

National Barakaldo 
25 De Ibaibe Street, 48902 Barakaldo, VZ 
Telephone: +34 944 42 32 90

Alquiler de coches con Europcar

Agency: Europcar

Collection offices:

Europcar Bilbao Airport
Bilbao Airport
48180, Loiu, Spain

Europcar Bilbao Train Station
Bilbao Train Station Abando Indalesio Prieto
Entrance to the car park on Calle Bailén 22
48008 Bilbao, Spain

Europcar Bilbao Bus Station Intermodal
Gurtubay Kalea, 1 Office Floor -1, 48013 Bilbao
Parking entrance Luis Briñas Street P -4

Alquiler de coches con dollar

Agency: Dollar

Collection offices:

Dollar Bilbao Airport
De Loiu Airport
Bilbao , Spain , 48180
Telephone : +34 94 4530931

Dollar Bilbao Train Station
Hurtado de Amezaga Street 44
Bilbao , Spain , 48008
Telephone : +34 946 050 444

Dollar Bilbao Plaza Pío X
Pio X Square, 2
Bilbao , Spain , 48014
Telephone : +34 94 4153677

Alquiler de coches con Thrifty

Agency: Thrifty

Collection offices:

Thrifty Bilbao Airport
De Loiu Airport
Bilbao , Spain , 48180
Telephone : +34 94 4530931

Thrifty Bilbao Train Station
Hurtado de Amezaga Street 44
Bilbao , Spain , 48008
Telephone : +34 946 050 444

Thrifty Bilbao Plaza Pío X
Pio X Square, 2
Bilbao , Spain , 48014
Telephone : +34 94 4153677

Alquiler de coches con Sixt

Agency: Sixt Rent a Car

Collection offices: 

Sixt Bilbao Airport
Bilbao Airport
48180 Loiu

Sixt Bilbao Bilbao Train Station
Plaza Circular 2
48008 Bilbao

Sixt Bilbao Centre
Plaza de Euskadi 4, Local 8
48009 Bilbao

Alquiler de coches con Keddy

Agency: Keddy

Collection offices:

Keddy Bilbao Airport
Bilbao Airport
48180, Loiu, Spain

Keddy Bilbao Train Station
Bilbao Train Station Abando Indalesio Prieto
Entrance to the car park on Calle Bailén 22
48008 Bilbao, Spain

Keddy Bilbao Bus Station
Gurtubay Kalea, 1 Office Floor -1, 48013 Bilbao
Parking entrance Luis Briñas Street P -4

Alquiler de coches con Goldcar

Agency: Goldcar

Collection offices:

Goldcar Bilbao Airport
Zārāndoā Kalea, 5, 48160 Derio, Biscay, Spain
Phone +34 910 21 01 03

Alquiler de coches con Record Go Rent a Car

Agency: Record Go Rent a Car

Collection offices:

Record Go Bilbao Airport 
Near Bilbao airport
Errota Zaharra number 8
48160, Derio
Bilbao, Spain

Alquiler de coches con OK Rent a Car

Agency: OK Rent a Car

Collection offices:

OK Rent a Car Bilbao
25 Orroño Street, 48160, Derio, Vizcaya
Telephone: +34 902 360 636

What can we do in Bilbao?

Discover Bilbao's most important places of interest.

The dynamic city of Bilbao, capital of the province of Bizkaia in the Basque Country region, is an internationally famous destination that is very much in touch with trends in art, cuisine, music and urban development. For all these reasons, it is perhaps home to one of the most avant-garde museums in Spain.

Car Hire Bilbao

Bilbao is a cosmopolitan and avant-garde capital, with an architecture that is out of the ordinary, even in the old town; in any case, it will not cease to surprise you as you discover it.

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is one of the most remarkable avant-garde prints in all of Spain. In fact, the museum receives more than one million visits a year. The building itself is an innovative work of art with curved lines and smooth contours carved in limestone, glass and titanium. The reflections of the building in the gentle stream of the Bilbao estuary make the Guggenheim much more attractive and photogenic. 

One of the nicest and funniest sculptures in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is Jeff Koons’ Flower Puppy. Another sculpture that arouses the interest of visitors is the spider, Mummy by Louise Bourgeois. During your visit to the Guggenheim you should experience ZERO, a geometric and sensory experience, projected on a curved 300-degree screen.

Old Town
Now let’s go to the roots of Bilbao, the old town, here you must walk along the Seven Streets and dare to try some pintxos in one of the bars in the area. Continuing with the walk, you will arrive at the cathedral of Santiago, diaphanous and monumental, a stopping point for many of those who make the Way of Saint James. During your walk through the old town, visit the Ribera market and the Arriaga Theatre.

The bridges of Bilbao
The city of Bilbao has many bridges, from different periods, styles and sizes, although all unique and with their own personality. 

Among the most notable bridges are: the Frank Gehry Bridge, in honour of the designer of the Guggenheim. The Euskalduna Bridge, which just below it houses the Maritime Museum of the Ria de Bilbao, and the Deusto bridge drawbridge.

Following the list of bridges in Bilbao, there is the Pedro Arrupe footbridge, which is the walking link between the Guggenheim Museum and the Deusto University. The Salve Bridge is dedicated to the singing of the sailors and from where they celebrate the diving competition, RedBull Clif Diving. And the pedestrian bridge of Calatrava with its glass floor

The delicate reflection of the Arenal Bridge and the buildings over the river, will invite you to take more than one specular photo. While the bridge of the Bilbao City Hall, the bridge of the Ribera and the bridge of San Antón, show their more stately and classic personality.

Finally, we have left the Portugalete suspension bridge, a bridge capable of transporting you with everything and your car from one end of the River Nervión to the other. A marvel of Basque ingenuity and the oldest working bridge of its kind in the world.

Bilbao is a dynamic city with an exquisite cultural programme, fairs, concerts and festivals of international prestige throughout the year. Whatever date you choose, you will always find something interesting to do in Bilbao.

The Bilbao Jazz Club, is a meeting organized since 1991 between jazz fans and lovers, where the best exponents of the genre meet in the month-to-month concert cycles, throughout the whole year.

Even out of the water, surf lovers have their space in Bilbao, as it hosts the interesting film festival, Bilbao Surf Film Festival, held in the ItsasMussem, during the last days of January, with a selection of films of the genre of this hypnotic sport.

Very close to Bilbao, only 20 minutes by car from the centre, are the beaches of Barinatxe and Atxabiribil, both of which have a good reputation among surfers, although they are equally excellent for having a good time.

In the surroundings of Bilbao there are very attractive places that are sure to attract your attention.

Less than 10 kilometres from the centre of Bilbao is the town of Barakaldo, the second most populated in the province, which also has an interesting monumental representation of the most modern and avant-garde Biscay.

During your visit, pay special attention to the Bilbao Exhibition Centre, a modern and unique building that hosts important congresses, concerts and sports events. Also, take a walk through the Botanical Garden, in San Vicente, a wide green area with a lake and trees grouped thematically; in this same area you will find the Palace of San Vicente.

Other monuments of great architectural value that you should visit are the building of the Conservatory of Music, the Larrea Palace, the Barakaldo Theatre, the church of Santa Teresa, the church of San Vicente. As well as the Plaza Bide Onera and the Monument to Industry.

San Sebastian
A little over an hour’s drive away is the city of San Sebastian, world famous for holding one of the most prestigious film festivals in the industry. To visit Donostia is to immerse yourself in the Basque culture, its traditions, its gastronomy, its architecture and its beaches.

A must in your visit to San Sebastian is the Concha beach, one of the best in Europe. The coast of San Sebastian has several beaches for both families and young people. For the family, there is Ondarreta beach, and for surfers, there is Zurriola beach.

Let yourself be surprised by the architecture of the old town, Plaza de la Constitución, the Basilica of Santa María, the church of San Vicente and the San Telmo Museum. If you want to enjoy great views of the coast and the city, then you should visit Monte Igeldo and Monte Urgull.

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FAQs about car hire Bilbao

Get all your questions cleared up before booking your car.

You should take into account three factors when booking: the location and type of vehicle you need, the itinerary you are going to take and the coverages. You must answer these three questions:

  • Where and what vehicle do I need?
    The first thing you must be clear about is where you need the vehicle, how many passengers are travelling with you and the quantity of luggage. This way you can define whether you need a station wagon or a 7-seater minivan.
  • Route distance and how long do I need the vehicle for?
    The second thing you should be very clear about is the distance you plan to travel. This will help you choose the right vehicle, and the most appropriate mileage and fuel policy for your trip.
  • Which cover is included in the price?
    The third thing you should know is what is included in the price of your reservation. You must know the mileage policy, the amount of the deposit/liability, the amount of the damage waiver and the fuel policy.

We recommend that you confirm your reservation enough in advance to get better offers, whatever the season.

High season
During Easter, summer and Christmas, we advise you to make your reservation two weeks in advance.

Low and mid season
During the rest of the year, we suggest that you book at least one week in advance.

Last minute offers
Occasionally there are last minute offers. To be updated on last minute offers, just subscribe to our newsletter.

However, you can pay for your reservation by debit or credit card. Usually, agencies have restrictions on paying with prepaid cards or cash.

Take advantage of the AXA Insurance premium coverage for a fraction of the usual price, which provides you with maximum protection against theft and accidents with a guaranteed refund of up to EUR 3,000, in addition to roadside assistance.  

The protection offered by AXA Insurance can provide you with savings of between 50 and 70% compared to direct agency coverage.

Our cheapest price for hire a small car in Bilbao is around 21 £/day for 7 days.

By activating the filter by vehicle type, you will find a broad range of small car models: Fiat 500, Citroën C1, Peugeot 107, as well as other models.

The minimum price for hire an economic car in Bilbao is around 19 £/day for 7 days.

When you activate the filter by car type, you will find a large selection of economy car models: Ford Fiesta, Seat Ibiza, Renault Clio, and other models.

The lowest price for 7-seater car rental in Bilbao is around 34 £/day for 1 weeklong period.

When you filter by type of vehicle, you will find all the models of 7-seater minivans: Seat Alhambra, Opel Meriva, Ford Galaxy, to mention just a few.

Your lowest price for hire a 9-seater minibus in Bilbao is around 49 £/day for 1 week.

Don’t forget to filter by vehicle type, as you will find a full range of 9-seater minibuses: Peugeot Traveller, Opel Vivaro, Volkswagen Transporter, among many others.

You can rent a car with a full/full fuel policy in Bilbao. You will get the vehicle full of fuel and you will return it full, without any charge for refuelling.

You can rent a car with unlimited mileage in Bilbao. The availability is indicated in the mileage policy label, located in the search criteria.

Generally speaking, most of the car rentals allow you to travel to the main destinations in Europe.

Upon pick-up, you must inform the counter about the destination you are planning to visit, in addition to paying the cross border fee, which will enable you the coverage abroad.

It is possible to rent a car one way in Bilbao and return it to a branch office other than the one where you picked it up.

When you search, you have to specify both the pick-up and the drop-off city, and our search engine will display the availability options automatically.

Advices for saving money on your booking
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