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Are you planning to travel and need space? At QuarentaCars.com you can book the estate car hire that suits you best. The pick up can be done at the airport, the train station or in the city.

Features of Estate Cars

Which characteristics do station wagon rental have?

Estate Car Hire
Estate Car Hire: Opel Astra SW

The estate car, or station wagon, is a compact vehicle with a very specific function, to provide extra space. The estate car is in great demand by doctors’ visitors, golfers and of course, for family trips.

The estate car has a capacity of 5 people, with 5 doors and a fairly generous boot, in which two large suitcases, a baby carriage, or a golf bag, or several chairs and a beach fridge fit comfortably.

The fuel mix of the station wagon rental models offered by QuarentaCars.com is varied and depending on the location, you may find them with either a diesel or petrol engine.

The estate car has an acceptable performance in town for a car of that size; however, on the road the fuel consumption is much more efficient, hovering around 4.8 litres per 100 kilometres.

They are compact cars with added space in the boot, which increases significantly if the rear seats are folded down, as is the case with most models manufactured today.

We are also seeing a growing trend towards combi vans or minivans with several rows of seats, which, although different in shape from the family car, offer the same functionality and space.

This type of car is one of the ones that receives more different names, depending on the country: familiar or ranchera in Spain, vagoneta in Argentina, station wagon in the United States, estate in the United Kingdom, or kombi in Germany.

Saco de Golf: Alquiler de coches Station Wagon
Golf bag

Estate Car Hire Near Me

Looking for a van right where you are? Try our search engine, estate car rental near me, where you will find the cars closest to your location.

Advantages of Estate Cars

What are the advantages and uses of estate cars?

Maletero Grande
Space, space and more space

The main advantage of the estate car is its space. In this category, most models are very well equipped and have a fairly acceptable performance and features. Although its strength is the space in the boot, which is around 500 to 600 litres, enough to accommodate several large suitcases, golf bags, baby carriages, sample books or even light furniture.

Coches rancheras para visitadores a médicos
Preferred by visitors to doctors

Visitors to doctors travel for days without returning to their offices with a significant amount of boxes with samples to visit the doctors of entire regions, this need for space and comfort for long journeys is provided by a good ranch car, as they usually call family type cars.

Viajes en Familia
For family trips

When we go on a family holiday, there is almost always a lack of space or an excess of things, depending on how you see it. In any case, the estate car is more than recommended because it fits almost anything.The 600 litres of boot space provide plenty of space: two suitcases, beach chairs, parasol and fridge, a pushchair and even Grandma's Parcheesi.

modelos de vehículos station wagon

¿Cuáles son los modelos de coches familiares de alquiler más utilizados?

Ford Focus Estate: : Alquiler de coches Familiares
Ford Focus Familiar

El Ford Focus SW, el coche familiar por excelencia . El Ford Focus hereda parte del tamaño de la época dorada de los coches americanos, su alargado diseño reclama su espacio en la categoría del coche familiar. Tiene un maletero de 608 litros, con una excelente equipación: volante multifunción con Bluetooth y manos libres, llave de aproximación, control de crucero, doble bandeja de maletero, sensor de lluvia, Isofix, bolsas de aire frontales y laterales, control de estabilidad, kit antipinchazos y encendido sin llaves con botón start/stop. Adicionalmente, hay versiones con cámara de visión trasera, techo solar y sensor de lluvia.

Opel Astra Station Wagon: : Alquiler coches Familiares
Opel Astra Familiar

Opel Astra SW, el más deportivo de los coches familiares. El Opel Astra SW es un coche con la deportividad en ADN. Tiene un maletero de 540 litros, y un equipamiento muy a la alemana: freno de manos electrónico, sensor de lluvia, control de crucero, dirección asistida con endurecimiento progresivo, climatizador bizona, bolsas de aire delanteras y laterales, control de estabilidad, Isofix, control de frenada en curva, encendido sin llaves con botón Start/Stop y asistente de aparcamiento.

Seat León Familiar: : Alquiler de coches Familiares
Seat León Familiar

Seat León SW, espacio y potencia en perfecta armonía. El Seat León es coche potente y muy eficiente, gracias a su caja de cambios de 6 velocidades. Tiene un maletero de 587 litros, y un equipamiento de primer nivel: llave de aproximación, encendido sin llaves con botón Start/Stop, volante multifunción con manos libres, aire acondicionado bizona, bolsas de aire frontales y laterales, control de estabilidad y control electrónico de tracción. Además, algunas versiones vienen con navegador con pantalla a color 8” y llave inteligente para entrada y arranque.

Car Rental Agencies

Most popular estate car hire agencies

Now that you know you need a station wagon for rent, it’s easy to help you choose. Here are the main rental agencies that offer a wide variety of estate cars.

Alquiler de coches con Budget

Budget Station Wagon Rental

Alquiler de coches con Avis

Avis Station Wagon Rental

Alquiler de coches con Hertz

Hertz Station Wagon Rental

Car Rental Station Wagon

What are the most popular destinations for car rental station wagon?

Estate Car Hire in:

Albacete · Alicante · Asturias · Barcelona · Bilbao · Castellón · Ciudad Real ·  Córdoba · Gijón · Girona · Granada · Jaén · Madrid · Málaga · Marbella · Oviedo · Santander · Seville ·  Toledo · Tarragona · Valencia · Vigo · Lanzarote ·  Tenerife · Muelle de Ribera · Mallorca · Menorca · Faro

Estate Car Hire Airport:

Alicante Airport · Barcelona El Prat · Bilbao Airport · Gran Canaria · Granada-Jaén · Ibiza · Jerez  · Madrid Barajas · Málaga · La Palma · Tenerife South · Lanzarote · Palma de Mallorca · Santander Seve Ballesteros · Sevilla Airport · Valencia-Manises · Vigo Airport · Faro

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