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Group travel? Large family? At QuarentaCars you can find cheap 7 seater car hire, we present you the models that best suit your needs. Discover a wide range of vans from the best brands.

Features of the 7 Seater Car Hire

What are the characteristics of the 7-seater car?

7 seater car hire

Those who decide to choose a 7-seater car rental are doing so in order to cover the needs of transporting a considerable number of people on a single trip. It is normally used by those who prefer to travel in groups or for large families.

This type of vehicle has a capacity for seven people, with 4 and 5 doors and a boot that can hold several large suitcases and the necessary items for a long family trip.

The fuel mix of the seven-seater cars we offer at QuarentaCars.com is varied and depending on the location, you can find both diesel and petrol engines. 

The seven-passenger van has a fairly acceptable performance in town for a vehicle of that size and weight; however, when driving it on the road the fuel consumption is much more efficient, hovering between 5 and 8 litres per 100 kilometres. 

The MPV integrates the engine, the passenger compartment and the luggage compartment into a single unit, thus making better use of the passenger compartment space. These cars are relatively long and allow the seats to be uncoupled and moved around to configure the interior space as required. A distinctive feature is that they have a hatchback that provides even more space.

Like all functional vehicles, they are called different names depending on the country: monovolumen in Spain, minivan in the United States and Latin America, People Carrier or MPV (multi-purpose-vehicle) in the United Kingdom.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins here.”

Advantages of the 7 Seater Car

What are the advantages and uses of 7-seater cars?

Amplio Maletero
7 Seater Car

The seven-seater minivan is suitable for a large family and for travelling in a group with a considerable amount of luggage. In addition to the interior space, these vehicles are quite powerful and functional both in the mountains and on the beach.

Coche monovolumen
Minivan 5+2 Seats

There is a type of 5-seater minivan with 2 additional rear seats, which is very useful when we are going to make a trip where there are small children or we don't carry too much luggage. It's very similar to the 7-seater car hire, with the difference that this vehicle has two extra folding seats in the boot area.

Coche Eficiente
Proper performance on the road

Minivans make the most of the road. They are fairly efficient vehicles at low revs, largely because most models in this segment come with 6 speeds. In addition to the mechanical component, driving assistants such as lane keepers give you an extra degree of safety when driving.

7-Seater Van Hire Models

What are the most common seven-seater vans used by car rentals?

Within this category we find excellent models such as Opel Zafira, Renault Espace, Kia Sorento, Renault Grand Scenic, and premium models such as Mercedes V class; some of which come with automatic or manual gearboxes. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones:

Seat Alhambra: alquiler coches 7 plazas
Seat Alhambra

The Seat Alhambra 7-seater, a high-profile minivan. The Seat Alhambra, named after the majestic monumental complex of the city of Granada, Spain. And it does honour to its name, because the vehicle has first class features and equipment. It has capacity for seven people, a 955 litre boot, 5 doors - including the tailgate -, a multifunction steering wheel with hands-free operation, trizone air conditioning, rain sensor, cruise control, ignition and start approach key, parking sensors with radar and camera, traction control, Isofix, Start/Stop button ignition. In addition, some versions come with an internal memory navigator and 6.5" colour touch screen.

Ford Galaxy: Alquiler de coches de 7 Plazas
Ford Galaxy

Ford Galaxy, a sporty-looking minivan. The Ford Galaxy is a very dynamic and enjoyable to drive minivan. It has room for 7 people, a 435-litre boot, 5 doors - including the tailgate - and a truly outstanding equipment and audio system: Touchscreen, Navigator, Bluetooth and USB, approach key, multifunction steering wheel with hands-free, dual zone air conditioning, front and side airbags, stability control, Isofix and anti-puncture kit.

Volkswagen Caddy: alquiler monovolumen 7 plazas
Volkswagen Caddy Maxi

The 7-passenger Volkswagen Caddy Maxi is a versatile, high-performance van. The Caddy Maxi is suitable for both cargo and passenger transport. In its 2.0 tdi diesel version it has a 150-hp engine, a capacity of seven people and a load volume of 750 litres, a sliding side door, a 6-speed gearbox, a multifunction steering wheel with hands-free operation, connected navigation, cruise control, start/stop button, Isofix, front and side airbags, and a rear obstacle detector.

7 Seater Car Hire Near Me

Looking for a car right where you are? Try our search engine, 7 Seater car hire near me, which gives you the options closest to your location.

Frequently Asked Questions: 7 Seater Car Rental

First of all, let's answer your concerns

At QuarentaCars you can make a 7-seater car hire in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Valencia and the main cities and airports of Spain.

The price of a 7-seater car hire varies depending on the location and season, however, the average is around 15£ per day for durations of 1 week.

To find a cheap 7 seater car hire, anticipation is the key. We recommend confirming your reservation 1 to 2 weeks (4 weeks in summer) before your trip.

The amount of the deposit for a 7-seater car hire varies depending on the agency and the type of rate you choose, ranging from 130 £ to 1,700 £.

The usual form of payment for 7-seater car hire is by credit card, however there are branches where payment by debit card is allowed.

The 7-seater car hire contract includes basic collision and theft protection (CDW) with excess; mandatory in Spain. Some rates include unlimited mileage and an additional driver.

You can drive a 7-seater minivan with the same type of light passenger car license (Category B).

For group trips with 3 suitcases and large families of up to seven members, it is advisable to hire a 7-seater minivan.

7 Seater Car Rental

What are the most popular destinations for 7-seater car rental?

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